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Europe's largest producer and supplier of bean sprouts and other sprouts beans. Guaranteed fresh produce due to daily harvesting 7/7 and logistics within our own management scope.

Evers Specials B.V.

Stationsstraat 33

6515 AA Nijmegen


Telefoon: +31 (0) 243 / 481 422

Telefax: +31 (0) 243 / 482 140


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is of great importance to Evers Specials. We strive to work in a sustainable manner by:

Using consumer unfit waste as cattle feed

During harvest consumer unfit waste such as root ends, broken bean sprouts and bean skins are removed from the production line and collected in a container. This is used as cattle feed for farms in the region.

Producing energy with organic matter

Organic matter that is found in returned produce is crushed to pulp and transported to become processed in a bio gas plant. This helps to reduce the amount of waste and the methane gas produced as a result is equal to the amount of natural gas necessary to meet the needs of 12 households.

Reducing energy

The energy that Evers Specials needs to heat the irrigation water in the growth chamber is taken from:

1. Energy recollection from the irrigation water used

2. Solar panels installed on the flat nursery roof

3. Energy recollection from the cooling systems

4. Natural gas: on sunny days there is surplus energy and therefore natural gas is not used

About us

Evers Specials, located in Nijmegen is Europe’s largest and producer and supplier of bean sprouts and other sprout vegetables. The company was founded in 1962 by Harry Evers. Initially mushrooms were cultivated, but after about ten years Evers Specials ceased the cultivation of mushrooms and began to specialize in sprout vegetables.

Evers Specials’ customers can be found all over Europe, and fresh bean sprouts and sprout vegetables are delivered to them daily. Due to daily harvesting (7/7) and logistics within our own management scope, we can always guarantee fresh produce.

Seeing as bean sprouts are not a seasonable vegetable we can deliver our produce year-round. All our vegetables are delivered ready for use and therefore also ready-to-eat.

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